Real Estate

Are you buying or selling a property?  We specialize in accurate reporting of roof damage that often times can make or break a deal.  You'll receive a same day or next day inspection so that you can make intelligent decisions on the repair or replacement of the roof.

Many realtors have come to trust Indiana Roof Consultants for their properties with roof issues.  Sometimes after a property has had a building inspection performed there may be some roof issues to address, and that’s where we come in!


We’ll perform a same day or next day inspection of the roof and provide a report that you can sink your teeth into.  Once we’ve been out, you’ll have important information such as how much life the roof has left or whether it should be repaired or replaced and the costs.  Now with more detailed information, you’ll be equipped to negotiate the deal better, no matter which side of the table you’re on.


Selling a property?  It might save some time and heartache to have us come out to inspect your roof prior to listing it.  This way you can get in front of any potential issues before they come up as a big surprise just when you’re ready to close the deal and timing is critical. Everyone knows that a good roof is a major factor in the minds of buyers and we can help yours shine!