It's risky to maneuver through a claim by yourself when you don't do them everyday. We work with all insurance companies and will stand as your advocate to make sure that you get all that is legitimately owed.

Whether you're the victim of a recent storm or there's damage to your property that went un-noticed and and unreported, through our comprehensive inspection process we'll identify all storm or event related damage and produce an estimate that will speak your insurance company’s language, complete with their price structure as well.


We don’t stop there! Our staff is extremely knowledgable about the inner workings of all things claims related, heck, we even have some insurance adjusters on board with us. We know that since you don’t do this every day like we do, you might just want someone like us in your corner the day the adjuster arrives. So we clear our schedules and make sure we’re there for you through the adjuster’s inspection process.


Once the inspection is over we make sure that we can do your job with all the proper building code upgrades and get started. Most roof jobs only take a day or two and once done, we even bill the insurance company for the final amount so that you don’t have to.


As you probably know, the claims process can be a little tricky because, let’s face it, the insurance companies have their own way of doing things. No worries, we help every step of the way so that you can go about doing whatever it is YOU do best.